Make Every Day Count

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The average lifespan of a person in the United States today is 27,375 days.

According to Censuswide, the average American spends 41% of their life staring at a screen, smartphone, tablet, computer screen or TV.

Every day counts.


In 1809 The international scene was tumultuous. Napoleon was sweeping through

Austria. Nations were terrified and households were fearful.

During that same year, William Gladstone was born, England’s finest statesman.

Alfred Tennyson was born who greatly affected the literary world.

Oliver Wendell Holmes was born, Edgar Allen Poe was born and so was, Charles

Darwin. In a small obscure cabin in Kentucky, Abraham Lincoln was born.

The newspapers highlighted the tragedies of the culture, but WHILE THE WAR


In 2004, John C Maxwell wrote a 312 page book titled, Today Matters and I quote,

“the way you live today impacts your tomorrow.”

The Holy Bible says, “Today is the day of salvation.”

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The Word We Do Not Want to Hear

Waiting can be treacherous, I wear my impatience daily, yesterday was not soon enough, three minutes after the hour is late, so how can I deal with the news “delayed?”

If you are the kind of person who wilts when a date has been rescheduled or your plans have been “put off” then you are not alone. In a “hurry, hurry and get it done” world we are met with brick walls of resistance and unforeseen circumstances placing our agenda on the back burner.

We tend to be “fast food” or “microwave” people rather than “slow cook” or “crock pot.”

Maybe this acrostic of WAIT will provide a skeleton schematic for your next delay

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A busy man will wonder how the time went so quickly

The Question Every Leader Ask

There is one question every leader asks, sometimes several times throughout life. Follow Author and Mentor Jim Laudell as he gives the four areas of leadership necessary for authenticity. 

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Muddy trucks and boggled minds follow ruts made by previous travelers

What is Next?

Today’s uncharted territory leaves many wandering what tomorrow may bring. Jim Laudell mentions three red flags as cautions for tomorrow, mentions the greatest asset of the past and points to directional markers for tomorrow in this week’s podcast.

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A challenge is an opportunity to prove your previous training

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Why People Don’t Want to Go Back to the “Old Normal”

Normal is predictable, secure and sound but people fear “normal” for it is boring, borders on empty and doesn’t inspire dreams. We can’t simply go back, there are too many variables. The old normal was too busy, too crowded and too overwhelming. There must be a change for a better tomorrow and a NEW normal.

If we go back to normal , will we continue on as if nothing happened? Churches and businesses will find new ways to expand and maximize their presence.

The old normal consisted of calendars, events, busyness, crowded lives and let’s just say it, me, myself and I became the main event of our day. Let’s examine the new normal.

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Prevent the bottle neck rush, when things get normal, by making necessary changes now

Changes Churches Made Last Week

In unprecedented times, churches in America made changes, to adapt to the unpredictable future. These four changes may rewrite how we look at church methods.

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With the compliant closure of many American churches  compassion is beginning to exceed seating capacity 

A relational, creative gospel is being birthed

Seven Steps to Subdue Conflict Part 1

Conflict is the nature of human incompatibility, often the outcome of two opposing parties but do we expect conflict every time? Not necessarily. We may not eliminate conflict but we can minimize its effect and outcomes.

This is the first of a three part series, Seven Steps to Subdue Conflict, and will contain definite steps to pull the plug on unnecessary conflict. You won’t believe #2 step.

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Carefully chosen words can be the most influential method of avoiding undue criticism and conflict.