Fifteen Days – Special Edition

Finding yourself at home without your normal routine and relationships may be considered as an uncomfortable repose but can this fifteen day “stay at home” be considered as a needed solitude and sabbatical? 

Can we have a slow down and not a melt down?

What can we learn from the Word of God?
Will God speak into our lives?

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Highpoints Podcast

In our solitude can we learn from the Word of God? Will God speak into our lives?

Seven Steps to Subdue Conflict Part Two

If you don’t need this now – you may, someday. In Seven Steps to Subdue Conflict Part One we discussed the value of Communicating Carefully and Affirming Positively. In Seven Steps to Subdue Conflict Part Two we examine the power of staying with the facts, note taking, starting off right and maintaining the proper attitude.

Highpoints with Jim Laudell

Shred gossip with facts, dismiss fairy tales with facts and silence all lies with the facts.

Leading From the Heart

Reading a chapter, each day, in the book of Proverbs not only provides wisdom but also speaks to your heart by giving guidance in the practical areas of life. Wisdom gives you the “gut” answer, building confidence. 
When you read the book of Proverbs, you expect wisdom however, the word most often connected to wisdom is the word, heart. 
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Highpoints Podcast 6

Proverbs 4:23 Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

What God wants to do is speak to your heart so you can know what is in His heart.

LIFT Living in Fullness Today

The joy continues.

I am so thankful and humbled by the response to my new book, LIFT, Living in Fullness Today, published by Harper Collins Christian Publishing.

Lift is what God does to get people off the ground. Lift is what aerodynamics does to get airplanes off the ground. LIFT is needed in every man and every woman’s life, everyday.

On Launch Day we watched as people posted, “I got mine.” And every new picture and post brought tears to my eyes as I watched my dream come true. I wanted to see people encouraged on a national scale, enough with the blame game, criticism, laughing at others, putting others down and division. People need to be lifted not downgraded. Lifted not scorned. Lifted not shunned.

Launch Day and the day after proved to be amazing. God kept amazing me. On Launch Day, LIFT, went from Amazon’s Best Seller Rating on Spiritual Growth Books #16,698 at 8:30 am to #365 by 9:00 pm. And, Kindle downloads, the day after on Amazon’s Best Seller Rating #55 in Christian Prayer and #283 in Christian Spiritual Growth.

I asked several people, including my congregation, to believe in prayer, specifically on Launch Day, that God would be glorified as the CEO of LIFT. It wasn’t the money because writers don’t get rich but it was a message needed among thousands.

Thank you! To the many people who bought the book, thank you! For the many people who posted their picture with “I got mine,” thank you!  For the many pastors who ordered multiple copies for their staff, thank you! For the many people who prayed and believed with us, thank you!

If you haven’t ordered LIFT here is a link for both paperback and Kindle download. Blessings to you.