The Question Every Leader Ask

There is one question every leader asks, sometimes several times throughout life. Follow Author and Mentor Jim Laudell as he gives the four areas of leadership necessary for authenticity. 

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Muddy trucks and boggled minds follow ruts made by previous travelers

What I Discovered

It is easier to see when someone else is wrong instead of seeing our own wrong but it is equally difficult to see our strengths when criticism has deflated you. Self-evaluation brings a man to self-realization of his weaknesses and his strengths.

Uncover the power of evaluating ourselves when no one else is looking and how to find not the worst but the best.

Looking inwardly provides powerful gifts for the future.

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Accomplish and achievements don’t value you – character values you

Contentment is destroyed by comparison

What Would You Do

The current trend is to evaluate the crises and to make drastic and definite changes while planning for the worse. However, what about planning for the best, to evaluate the realities while adjusting and correcting along the way?

Listen for the Four Principles for Bringing Change When the Future is Uncertain

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To Overreact Steals from the Intended Purpose

What is Next?

Today’s uncharted territory leaves many wandering what tomorrow may bring. Jim Laudell mentions three red flags as cautions for tomorrow, mentions the greatest asset of the past and points to directional markers for tomorrow in this week’s podcast.

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A challenge is an opportunity to prove your previous training

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