Why People Don’t Want to Go Back to the “Old Normal”

Normal is predictable, secure and sound but people fear “normal” for it is boring, borders on empty and doesn’t inspire dreams. We can’t simply go back, there are too many variables. The old normal was too busy, too crowded and too overwhelming. There must be a change for a better tomorrow and a NEW normal.

If we go back to normal , will we continue on as if nothing happened? Churches and businesses will find new ways to expand and maximize their presence.

The old normal consisted of calendars, events, busyness, crowded lives and let’s just say it, me, myself and I became the main event of our day. Let’s examine the new normal.

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Prevent the bottle neck rush, when things get normal, by making necessary changes now

Changes Churches Made Last Week

In unprecedented times, churches in America made changes, to adapt to the unpredictable future. These four changes may rewrite how we look at church methods.

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With the compliant closure of many American churches  compassion is beginning to exceed seating capacity 

A relational, creative gospel is being birthed

Fifteen Days – Special Edition

Finding yourself at home without your normal routine and relationships may be considered as an uncomfortable repose but can this fifteen day “stay at home” be considered as a needed solitude and sabbatical? 

Can we have a slow down and not a melt down?

What can we learn from the Word of God?
Will God speak into our lives?

No NOTES download in this Special Edition

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In our solitude can we learn from the Word of God? Will God speak into our lives?

Seven Steps to Subdue Conflict Part Two

If you don’t need this now – you may, someday. In Seven Steps to Subdue Conflict Part One we discussed the value of Communicating Carefully and Affirming Positively. In Seven Steps to Subdue Conflict Part Two we examine the power of staying with the facts, note taking, starting off right and maintaining the proper attitude.

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Shred gossip with facts, dismiss fairy tales with facts and silence all lies with the facts.

Seven Steps to Subdue Conflict Part 1

Conflict is the nature of human incompatibility, often the outcome of two opposing parties but do we expect conflict every time? Not necessarily. We may not eliminate conflict but we can minimize its effect and outcomes.

This is the first of a three part series, Seven Steps to Subdue Conflict, and will contain definite steps to pull the plug on unnecessary conflict. You won’t believe #2 step.

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Carefully chosen words can be the most influential method of avoiding undue criticism and conflict.

Did You Hear What I Heard?

Is the gossip train riding through your town and it is too big to stop? What do I do? Follow today’s podcast and learn how to Validate the Strength of Gossip, Deflecting Community Gossip and learn from C.H. Spurgeon and D.C Branham.

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Never allow a distraction to become your focus