The Small Church Pastor and His Vision

Create the kind of life that determines your future. Vision is a God given moment where we see what God sees for our life. 

Join the Highpoints Podcast today as our host, Jim Laudell uncovers the difference between a New Vision and a New Season, the power of Habakkuk 2:1-3 and what happens when vision doesn’t happen as fast as I believed it would?

Highpoints Podcast #4

Placement is not as important as the direction

What Do I Do When I Feel Restless?

  • Restlessness is not a listening season but a doing season.
  • Not loving what I’m doing but busy in what I am doing.
  • Not focused but confused.
  • Not rested but tired.

David confesses in Psalms 55:2 “I am restless.” ESV

  • Not connected but frustrated.
  • Not happy but searching.

Having Dramatic Results is the Benefit of Early Sacrifices

Pick the One Thing in Life That Makes Your Heart Beat

Building Margin in Your Monthly Goals

Here we are in 2020 and leaders are carefully setting monthly and one year goals. Whether is it the desire to be close to God, build a business or become an effective leader, goals are necessary.
One of the most important aspect of setting goals is to build margin for personal rest, interruptions and schedule prime time for family.
Follow the podcast here – download the notes below and discover the steps to Building Margin in Your Monthly Goals.

Building Margin in Your Monthly Goals

Margin is Your Best Friend

Do I need a Mentor or a Coach?

Mentoring is the process of growth and development leading to mature choices. In simple terms, it is someone who walks along side of you.

“If you are taking off or being taken out – you need a mentor,”

Jim Laudell

Paul and Timothy, in the New Testament was an example of mentoring and coaching. In other scriptures, the emphasis was on spiritual fathers and spiritual sons.

Download the notes below and listen to this weeks Highpoints Podcast as we take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Do Small Church Pastors and Leaders Need a Mentor or a Coach? Maybe not, but those with coaches and mentors, go further, stay longer and run faster.

“You can impress people from a distance but you can impact people only up close,” Howard Hendricks


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