Incremental Goal Setting 2015

To simply wish for something is a dream without waking up. To set a resolution means as time fades the resolution will fade. There is a world of difference in a wish, a resolution and settings goals – goals have the ability to change you. But accomplishing your goals depends on two matters: how you set them and how many times you review them. These four Goal Distinctives will embark you on a sure journey to cross the finish line.


Goals Must be INTENTIONAL  For a goal to be intentional it must resonate with your heart. Passion drives a goal and your passion will keep you on track. Your passionate intentions are the reason you prioritize. Set the goal as a priority every day.

Intentionally revisit your goal every day.

When you know what your mission is it is easier to submit to the process. Your WHY will motivate when, where, who and what. Know why you want to do what you are doing and intentions flowing from passion will meet the goals.


Goals Must INDICATE a Time and Place  Scheduling your goal with a specific time and place on the calendar are powerful reminders of your WHY. If it isn’t on the calendar it will not get done. Schedule it or you will forget it. Ask yourself some substantial questions as you schedule your goals:

Where am I going?

How do I get there?

What time and day works best?

Once you have accomplish these small steps place the calendar or reminder close to your “everyday” spot so you can visually review each day.

Goals Must Create IMAGINATION  You might remember the Memory Course action steps of placing a creative image in your mind, the crazier, the more unbelievable, the better. It is proven that a stretch to the imagination causes the memory to better grasp the idea months or years later.

Visualize the finished product. Dream and write down what you are seeing in your mind’s eye. You may need to hang a picture placed by your desk space or you may need to create a particular milestone, something you visit each day. Imagine it, Visualize it and Place it.

Goals Must IDENTIFY What is At Stake  This may be the number one reason why most goals lose their momentum early in the game is we don’t count the cost or identify what it is going to cost us. Be real, transparent and honest with yourself.

This is going to cost $______________.

This will take four hours out of my weekly schedule.

This goal will eliminate ______________.

Simply creating a plus and minus chart – record the benefits but also record the sacrifice and it will enable you to fight the mental battles you will face when the going gets tough.

Has this article helped you? If so, comment below and let me know. Thanks!

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