Minimizing Criticism in Your Life

angerUsually life runs its normal course of activities from the normal, to the extreme of awesome or the other extreme of awful but when most of the drama is eliminated, life is pretty well normal. When you subtract the unfolding negatives and highlight the positives, life begins to bloom.

Life only runs normal for those who choose to fly under the radar. Now enter public life. Once you enter into the public arena, per SE, the glass house, then you become the target.

Criticism comes. Say anything, write something, risk everything, step forward, commit yourself or decide to try and the somebodies will say something about everything. But, if you wish, there is a way to avoid this criticism; never dream, never risk, never try or never dare.

The best way to avoid criticism is to do nothing significant – Carey Nieuwhof

For those who step out of the comfort zone and step into the next arena – avoiding criticism isn’t possible. You have a passion. A calling. A dream. You can’t hide under a rock to avoid the critics. Zig Ziglar quips, “Don’t be distracted by criticism. Remember ~ the only taste of success some people get is when they take a bite out of you.”  Why not keep going forward but step forward with a few cautions:

Criticism can be minimized by surrounding yourself with men of character. What you cannot do alone can be accomplished by the protection of qualified and noble people. Focus on seeking their counsel.

Criticism can be contained by exhibiting a heartfelt concern for others. Eliminate hard feelings. Focus on committing to value and honor all people regardless of their opinion.

Criticism can be overlooked by concentrating on the people who need what you are doing. Focus on the hurting instead of the hurtful.

Criticism can be helpful. You may need to put “eyes” on the project before it goes public.  Critics often have good insight but harsh and demeaning words. Separate the people from the problem – did they just say something I need to hear? Focus on listening to the right words not the wrong words.

Criticism can be ignored. Remember even Jesus was criticized for His message. Love them but leave them. Don’t devalue your vision based on the few. Focus on your dream.

Criticism can be temporary but it doesn’t have to be terminal. Critics come and go but the  ones who launch out are the leaders who make a difference. Focus on your journey.  

Comment: How do you handle criticism?

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