When is Change Worth Fighting For?

Picture2It is inevitable that changes will come. For some change comes slow and for some change comes quickly without premonition. One thing is for certain, most change will come whether you are ready or not. Change is the one thing that can change our future and give us resolve from the past. Though we shouldn’t change for changes sake a rut is simply a grave with the ends kicked out. While pursuing life and the dynamics of it we must institute change as a systematic growth pattern. Without change there will seldom be growth.

Changes come from a long list of correctives:




Health Concerns





Error in Judgment

 Change comes – some is good and some is bad. Change may be perceived to be good and turn out bad and at other times change may be perceived good and turn out bad. It is easy to decide what changes to make when the doctor spells out a “heart healthy diet” or exercise regimen. You know what you must do to stay alive and you are willing to change even if it is abrupt. But many major changes in life are much more difficult to ascertain.

“… people change only when they hurt enough that they have to, learn enough that they want to, or receive enough that they are able to.” – John Maxwell

How do I decide when a change is necessary?

When Something Or Someone Is Damaging Your Mental, Physical Or Spiritual Well Being, You Need To Change. Incompatibility is loosely interpreted but when you feel threatened, abused or in danger you may need to make an immediate change in your personal life or your job.

When Your Wise Counsel Knows You Need To Change. Your best friends and relatives know how to look out for you but sometimes can be a little misleading. Go to “wise counsel” and ask for direction or leadership. An extra set of eyes can open up a different dimension into your life.

When God Speaks You Need To Change. If we listen to God’s voice or hear a message that confronts an issue in our life – we need to change. Many times changing jobs, houses or cars complicates the problems rather than solves the problem. Quick sudden changes are often the incorrect change. Change must be carefully thought out. Prayer can open the eyes of the blind and most of the time; it is my eyes that need opening up.

When You Have Carefully Weighed All The Options You May Need To Change. Remember – there may be an option you may not have thought of. Take your time – look in all directions. It is more difficult to reverse your decision after a wrong decision has been made.

Secondly and maybe more importantly, when NOT to change:

Don’t Change When You Are Depressed. Depression clouds the thinking and often fogs the decision making process. Never make a decision in the dark – wait till the light shines on it.

Don’t Change When It Can Detrimentally Affect Everyone Around You. Correct change should benefit most parties – a win-win situation. Let me weigh in – some change will not benefit everyone around you but when a great number of people suffer because you made a wrong decision; maybe a “more thought out” change would have been more beneficial to you and those around you. Remember, we are not an island. Abrupt change can dissever relationships for life – think before a major change.

Don’t Change When You Are Still Undecided. Making a change is never so aggravating as making an unclear change and finding you are more dissatisfied in the end.

Comment: What would you add to this list of “change” benefits?

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