Why You Shouldn’t Quit Today

4581Michelangelo spent 4 years painting the now infamous Sistine Chapel The Creation of Adam masterpiece. The physical demands of standing on a scaffold painting above his head were torture. One night, exhausted by his work, alone with his doubts, discouraged by a project that was too great for him, he wrote in his journal a single sentence: “I am no painter.” Yet for 500 yrs now this picture has spoken of God’s great desire to be with the human beings He created in His own image! When you feel like saying “I am no _____________” … DON’T QUIT! (Quoted by Pastor Derwin Ward).

From start to finish the climb is not a rocket shot straight up. Nor does life continue to go up on a sharp incline but it is rather a spiral of events leading to the achievement. Dreams are fulfilled in a mass of events rather than a series of events. Your confusion is another progressive step upward. Your indecision is another stair step. Life is not always confined to easy stair steps – you are looking for a fast escalator but instead it is a maze. Insecurity will come one day, indecision the next, rejection another then WHAM! A simple step forward moves you closer to your dream, closer to your passion and guides you, ever so close, to achievement.

When you say, “I am not a writer!” or, “I am not a designer” or, “I am not________” You just moved closer to the place, position and more so, the person you have wanted to be. Defeat may be your biggest boost to victory. Trial and error is a lesson for those who will try again.

Never let success go to your head and never let failure go to your heart – Pastor Chris Farley

Pattern Yourself after the Best Not after the Worst

When you are re-evaluating your loss it will be simple to compare yourself to those around you who have failed. If you are at the bottom of the barrel it is easy to look at others at the bottom of the barrel. Joseph in the book of Genesis was put in a pit and a prison but he had a palace in his heart. When you are in a fit of despair pray until the dream becomes real to you again.


Rather Than Quit Why Not Reinvent?

  • Reinvent by putting pictures up of recent accomplishments.
  • Make of list of your wins.
  • Don’t despise the day of small things.
  • Go back to the basics.

Ask yourself “WHY” did that work? Instead of asking when and where and who and what – ask the biggest question first – WHY? Once you answer the WHY the dream will live again, the adrenaline will flow and hope will turn into courage.


Get Help

Gather positive friends around you to encourage you in your journey. Research your topic again. Be the best you can be by investing into yourself. Grow in the areas you want to be great in. Study and read often on your subject. Push until something happens.


Your Set Back is Your Get Back into the Game

While you sit and soak and sour it may be easy to throw in the towel but I am willing to throw the towel back at you and say, “Get back in the game.” Fight harder. Stay true to yourself. Laugh and enjoy the closest ones around you. Live again. Dream again.


Comment: What has been your experience? Have you tried, threatened to quit then tried again?

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Are You Ready to be a Mentor?

1548_1548_5Do you feel a shift in your life? Are you ready to embark on an amazing and prolific life shining with inward joy?  Why not become a mentor? Is my life best invested as a mentor? Is my life more fulfilling when I influence someone for the best – to make a difference in their life – to dramatically and intentionally invest in growing and developing leaders?

School teachers, educators, pastors teach in whole with corporate bodies of learning yet the most fulfilling and most productive is when the lecture becomes connection, when the sermon becomes discipleship and the lesson becomes a life well lived. Being a mentor will bring untold results. If each person has purpose and a God-given plan – where do we start and dramatically important, will we finish well?


Mentor Moments

An interesting benefit of working at Google is the 20 percent time program, allowing its employees to use up to 20 percent of their work week to create/invent/research special projects. Google claims several ideas turned into projects as a result of the 20 percent time program.

John Maxwell introduced the Pareto Principle in his book, Developing the Leader Within You. The Pareto Principle states, “20% of your priorities will give you 80% of your production If you spend your time, energy, money and personnel on the top 20% of your priorities.” Of course, the first element of this process is to gather your priorities on a list, evaluate each item till you discover the top 20% then begin to put your time, energy and money into the top 20%.  John Maxwell added, 20% of our time produces 80% of the results.

Some Christians live on the 20% rule of giving; the tithe (10%) to church and pay yourself, by placing 10% into a savings account and living off the 80%.


What would happen if I invested 20% of my time into another

individual’s ministry, talents, abilities or gifts?


Life is better when we invest into another person’s life with time, energy and finances – to reenergize their spirit to become a writer, a speaker, an educator or a leader. A field sown in mentorship will yield an abundant and bountiful harvest. To be an influencer in the lives of others is the law of replication. We do more becuase we have more leverage.


Mentor Matters

A mentor must be wise in choosing the aspiring and growing student. Age, success or position is not a prerequisite but a passion for heights, a love for learning and a mind for more must be mandatory. Simply picking a once a week spot isn’t enough – we must be educational, spiritual and intentional. Every mentor must gauge his involvement, evaluate his progress and live for a reason. Sometimes mentoring is more of a volleyball game of communication – each of the participants adding to the volley of ideas. Not a brainstorming session as much as a heart to heart resource of new visions and dreams.

Discipleship and mentoring must include life lessons, heartfelt communication, insights and wisdom, people matters and leadership principles but this is not a conclusive list. To mentor one must first know the person being mentored and the subject of the mentoring. The WHO and the WHY must be answered immediately. A cookie cutter mentor cannot serve each individual correctly. We must carefully sow the correct seed in the right field.


Mentor Motives

Steadfastness  A mentor, above all, will be an example to steadiness. No awkward or quirky turns but consistent and concrete decisions. Mentors don’t bring their battles into the growth process. This is not an emotional relationship but a life lesson. There will be time for tears, time for transparency and time for “aha” moments but a life of character and Christ likeness becomes the best teacher.   

Significance  A mentor must be willing to impart his life, this is not a list of do’s and don’ts but a life well lived, bringing significance to the table, teaching and living brought together. For mentorship to move from one level to the next both mentor and student must grow. Selfishness is left behind; there is no room for it. The mentor pushes the learner out of comfort zones and into accomplishments.

Spirituality  Encouragement into a close relationship with God is the quest of both the mentor and the learner. Both must grow in God if they intend to grow in any other area. The mentor doesn’t push religion but exemplifies that “he walks with God.” Pride and subjection are not allowed in the process and counseling is not the purpose. Mentor both teaches and learns both ways. Honor is given and is reciprocal.  

Comment: There are a lot of things to be added to this list but what would you add to this list of being a mentor?

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Investing in Our Marriage

Picture1People sometimes marry for all the wrong reasons. When a couple marries, it develops into a frenzy of emotion – sadly, for some; it only lasts for a few years before love fades, collapsing into separation and misunderstanding.

Love must be, should be, something more than physical. Regardless how the movies portray marriage – love develops over time. Two people grow in love with each other until more is invested in the marriage than one is willing to withdraw from.


Investing into your marriage becomes the diamond of beauty


Investing in the love, the husband and wife share, is called commitment. It isn’t give and take – it is give and give. Investment usually involves putting someone of value into something we trust. Marriage defined is putting something we value into the one we trust.

For many – to be able to trust the one you love with your soul, your thoughts, your life, your being, your secrets and your dreams is the peak of love. Moving from emotion to trust is a major step in marriage. After the struggle to survive often a couple will find a deeper love and a deeper trust in one another.

Making deposits into your checkbook guarantees’ you will be able to make withdraws up to the balance of your deposits. Making deposits into your marriage guarantees you will be able to make withdraws up to the balance of your deposits. Life has a way of making one withdrawal after the other – depleting the account. We must add deposits intentionally and on a regular basis.


The more you put into your marriage the more you are able to take out of your marriage.


Simply investing more into your marriage than you are taking out isn’t just good business sense but it is simply good sense. Let’s look at some common sense ways we can’t invest into our marriage:

Expressions Of Love Holding her hand as you walk together, rubbing her shoulders, or a gentle hug when she comes in from work is adding value in your marriage. It is said a wife needs seven nonsexual touches a day for emotional well being. Don’t be like one guy who patted his wife on the back seven times and felt he had accomplished his expression of love.

Spend Prime Time Together Taking a walk together, grabbing a cup of coffee, taking her lunch to her at work, watching a movie together after the kids have gone to bed, can be prime time events investing into your love relationship.

Write a Note Slipping a note into her lunch bag, having a note posted to the bathroom mirror or having a card waiting for her on the dinner table can fill the emotional love tank up to full. Write meaningful, heartfelt words that you noted her beauty, her strength, her character or her recent decisions.

Pray Together Discover each other’s needs. Pray for each other and confess your own weaknesses. Praying together over your marriage, over your home and over your children will multiply your deposits.

You might think of something that creates a better atmosphere of love in your home but whatever you do you must do regularly, continually making deposits into your marriage.

Comment: What would you add to this list of deposits?

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When is Change Worth Fighting For?

Picture2It is inevitable that changes will come. For some change comes slow and for some change comes quickly without premonition. One thing is for certain, most change will come whether you are ready or not. Change is the one thing that can change our future and give us resolve from the past. Though we shouldn’t change for changes sake a rut is simply a grave with the ends kicked out. While pursuing life and the dynamics of it we must institute change as a systematic growth pattern. Without change there will seldom be growth.

Changes come from a long list of correctives:




Health Concerns





Error in Judgment

 Change comes – some is good and some is bad. Change may be perceived to be good and turn out bad and at other times change may be perceived good and turn out bad. It is easy to decide what changes to make when the doctor spells out a “heart healthy diet” or exercise regimen. You know what you must do to stay alive and you are willing to change even if it is abrupt. But many major changes in life are much more difficult to ascertain.

“… people change only when they hurt enough that they have to, learn enough that they want to, or receive enough that they are able to.” – John Maxwell

How do I decide when a change is necessary?

When Something Or Someone Is Damaging Your Mental, Physical Or Spiritual Well Being, You Need To Change. Incompatibility is loosely interpreted but when you feel threatened, abused or in danger you may need to make an immediate change in your personal life or your job.

When Your Wise Counsel Knows You Need To Change. Your best friends and relatives know how to look out for you but sometimes can be a little misleading. Go to “wise counsel” and ask for direction or leadership. An extra set of eyes can open up a different dimension into your life.

When God Speaks You Need To Change. If we listen to God’s voice or hear a message that confronts an issue in our life – we need to change. Many times changing jobs, houses or cars complicates the problems rather than solves the problem. Quick sudden changes are often the incorrect change. Change must be carefully thought out. Prayer can open the eyes of the blind and most of the time; it is my eyes that need opening up.

When You Have Carefully Weighed All The Options You May Need To Change. Remember – there may be an option you may not have thought of. Take your time – look in all directions. It is more difficult to reverse your decision after a wrong decision has been made.

Secondly and maybe more importantly, when NOT to change:

Don’t Change When You Are Depressed. Depression clouds the thinking and often fogs the decision making process. Never make a decision in the dark – wait till the light shines on it.

Don’t Change When It Can Detrimentally Affect Everyone Around You. Correct change should benefit most parties – a win-win situation. Let me weigh in – some change will not benefit everyone around you but when a great number of people suffer because you made a wrong decision; maybe a “more thought out” change would have been more beneficial to you and those around you. Remember, we are not an island. Abrupt change can dissever relationships for life – think before a major change.

Don’t Change When You Are Still Undecided. Making a change is never so aggravating as making an unclear change and finding you are more dissatisfied in the end.

Comment: What would you add to this list of “change” benefits?

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