Two Things I Know About God

freeA Highpoint in life is knowing God and knowing what God wants from me. God is delicately, intrinsically and especially interested in my life. I could not and wish not to be an atheist or an agnostic because He has done so much for me I cannot tell it all. It is virtually impossible to say my life was a series of consequences, chances and fate while others are doomed to a life of misery, pain and emptiness. My choice for a better life was settled when Jesus Christ came into my life as a young man, I have never been the same. I have learned two things about God while growing in this faith: He desires for me to walk in His will and to totally, completely trust in Him.

The mother eagle nudges the small fledging eaglet to the edge of the nest, It is time to learn how to fly. You can’t stay in the nest forever, You were born to fly. She nudges the new-born bird closer to the edge. It appears to be a hateful, murderous act. To fall from this height to the gorge below would splatter the young bird upon the hard rocks below. this can’t be right. The mother bird works with a mandate, a mission and this time succeeds, the eaglet falls out of the nest, flapping its young wings against the rushing air, quickly making his way to a dreadful demise, death is imminent.

He can’t fly but the mother bird wanted him to try, she never leaves her eyes off of her young, she perches on the edge of the nest, she leaps. Flying downward at breathtaking speed, the eaglet flounders aimlessly to the ground but the mother bird scoops the young bird upon her back and rises, taking the eaglet back to the nest. God can come to me faster than I can fall and He desires I learn to live by faith. Two things God desires of me: to learn to fly (walk each day in God’s will) and to trust Him.

Maybe pain, emptiness, and wrong has been pushed upon you, you have fallen aimlessly to your own demise but call upon God today, He gives life, He can come to you faster than you can fall.

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Comment: Have you ever fallen and found God was quick to catch you?

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2 Replies to “Two Things I Know About God”

  1. Hey Jim, just want to say I enjoyed your article and agree with your observation that “God can come to me faster than I can fall.” Well said and a beautiful allegory from the young eaglet.


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