One Thing That Will Depreciate Your Life

angerOf all the little quirks, habits, inconsistencies or sins that will divert, depreciate or even, destroy your life, it is this one thing. One little thing, Solomon illustrates, “The little foxes destroy the vine.” Little yet it grows. Little yet so deceitful. Little yet so big.

Pride! Pride steals attention from the real important to the less important. Pride diverts “them” to “me.” Pride steals joy when I can’t get my way or when I can’t get enough attention. Pride demands I spend countless hours adding up my injustices. Pride will demeanor my friendships. Pride is selfish. Pride lacks love.

Self defence doesn’t have to be love but jealousy, revenge, anger and lust often flow from pride. I want my way and I want it now. Pride is an evil task master. However. dressing nice is not always pride, a handsome dude or a beautiful woman is not always pride. A nice home, clean car, money in the bank is not pride, no, but it can be. If I count the lowly as unimportant. If I snicker at the poor or quickly pass by the hurting; you definitely don’t want to be caught in the same company as such, that’s pride.

Without sounding too preachy; let’s choose out the anti-pride actions:

Pride is destroyed when you forgive. While pride keeps us from forgiveness – a forgiving heart will keep us from pride.

Talk to children. They are people too. Very important people.

Don’t be afraid to have a decent conversation with a poor man. in fact, we can go the extra mile by taking him a gift or a plate of food during the holidays, (or, any day for that matter).

Laugh with everyone and laugh at no one. Pride makes us think we are better than everyone else – sorry, but we are equal – not better.

Respect everyone regardless of race, creed, religion or sex. You don’t have to agree with them but we must respect them.

Let compassion show in your eyes, heart and actions. Pride says don’t get involved.

Go above and beyond for your enemies. Just because someone doesn’t like you doesn’t mean you must try the rest of your life to “get them to like you” but you can rise above their attitude, swallow pride, and show them kindness, respect and care.

Pride is not a good guide – follow your heart. Pride will redirect a person from his real friends when his pride is hurt. Go forward – be a friend with a great attitude.

Pride is not a loss of conviction but a heightened sense of self-awareness. Teenage girls play this game; if you like them, you don’t like me. Transferring this game into adulthood is childish.

Prayer is a selfless path. The more a person prays the more they are concerned about others and less about themself.

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Comment: Has pride ever grabbed you? How did you let it go?

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