4581Confidence. Sometimes you have it – sometimes you don’t. Fear  is the opponent in the wrestling match between fear and faith. Confidence is the trophy. If fear wins your confidence you will cower, shrink, pull back, make excuses and worry. If faith wins the fight between fear and faith – confidence has won. You push, you go forward, no recoil nor retreat, you write, you sing, you speak, you plan, you dive, you (in the words of NIKE) “just do it.”

Confidence continues in its strength with experience, with trust, with past accomplishments and with courage, most of all, courage. Confidence doesn’t cause fear to disappear but confidence stands with a vibrant proclamation, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” Confidence has a strong foundation built on strength from my daily walk with Jesus Christ. It has little to do with the perfection of my art, the expression of my talent or the exuberance of my gift; but more with the simple fact; I did it.

Confidence doesn’t mean you won’t fail, be imperfect, hear criticism or create enemies but faith means I will continue with confidence in spite of them all. My accountability team keeps me humble, my wife keeps me dreaming and my Lord keeps me focused.

Confidence and pride can be related but don’t have to be – some of the most confident people I have met have been humble. Confidence is inner strength to move with outward resolve.

I have written not knowing if anyone would read, I have prayed and not known when the answer was coming, I have planned and not seen the end result but confidence wakes me in the morning with a renewed passion to write again, pray again and plan again. Confidence tries! Confidence tries hard!

Confidence says, go ahead, “you can do all things through Christ.”

Comment: What have you done to increase your confidence?

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