Four Life Changing Prayers


Prayer has often been reduced to a cry for help, a list of wants or a plea for mercy. These types of prayer are not wrong in their nature but may be wrong chronologically. If we choose to make life changing decisions about life changing direction then we must learn how to pray life changing prayers.

Make me The prodigal son left home demanding, “Give me!” But came home crying, “Make me.”  A humble fall will melt our demanding heart into a quiet plea, “God, make me into the person you want me to be.”

Use me The complete satisfaction we look for is not found in serving ourself but serving others.  Finding your exact gift, purpose and life service results in personal joy and completeness.     

Forgive Me We need to let go. Get it off your chest. Jesus, forgive me. Let it go!

Bless me It is in the heart of God to bless you more than you can believe for. God wills to bless you with good. You are the apple of His eye and He desires to bless you with His presence. Simply cry out in a still small voice “Jesus, bless me now.”

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