Moving from Initiator to Influencer

Instead of being swallowed up in a mass of people with positions – why not be distinctive and matchless. Be a person of influence. The people around you cannot make you, your following cannot create you and your finances cannot construct you. It is essential for a leader to capture the spirit of the people, know their heart and step into the same vision. Finding the needs of people and meeting that need is a high priority. Being able to discover the need and interpret it into a clear vision is quite different.

An initiator is a program master, he develops new and exciting attractions; he creates, causes and collects in a self-imposed mode of action. The Influencer is a man of calling, character and concern; he moves forward in a divine movement of vision. He has established his ministry, his message is merely interpretations of a life well lived, and he loves people.

The influencer lives differently, works differently and ministers differently. He moves slowly, listens carefully and speaks rarely. He takes time to speak to little children; he can look into your eyes and tell you are hurting and he stands out in a crowd.  

Sound like superman? No, he is an influencer. Not impossible, it is reachable. You can move from an imitator to an influencer by beginning these four unique features in their life.

Full of Integrity Stand firm in honesty, transparency and integrity. Guard your intake carefully. Pray often. Live among positive people. Create momentum in your spirit with time off to think, moments of silence and friends who inspire you. Believe in a higher standard. Strive for more. Push up! You cannot take others higher than you are willing to go.

One of the most important ways to manifest integrity is to be loyal to those who are not present. In doing so, we build the trust of those who are present. – Stephen Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Network The word, network, simply means, to work with a net. Stretch your net and your work will grow.Come out of the four walls; don’t be held inside by plaster or mortar. For a leader to keep all his problems or his potential inside becomes a slow-moving train or a derailment. One particular church has asked all eight of its campus pastors to find ten pastors in their zip code that they can bless and help to thrive. That’s growth! It would be amazing to see what a person could do if they decided to reach out beyond themselves, reach out to others and make a community, regional, statewide, national or worldwide difference.

I remember, as a teenager, reading in Literature class, “No man is an island.” It has stuck with me for years. When God created Adam he quickly created Eve. Share your dream with a confidant, express your pain to a mentor or simply, have coffee with a friend.  


Celebration of Others This is huge!Celebrate others the way you want to be celebrated. I recently attended a breakfast where an employee was recognized for nothing. Oh, their life was definitely influential, but it wasn’t their birthday, they weren’t celebrating an anniversary and they weren’t retiring, no, the team just felt they wanted to celebrate her with a surprise party for being who she was.They video-ed each one saying how much she had influenced their life and their work atmosphere. They collected several pictures of her at the work place and honored her in a big way. She wasn’t the boss, didn’t have a title, she was simply a hard worker, had a great attitude, and loved people AND they loved her back. I saw two influencers that day, the owner of the company and the employee who had touched the lives of the people she worked with.


Genuine Concern An influencer shows concern to everyone. Whether through listening, maybe giving, but mostly making the other person know they are vitally important. Making another feel important by remembering their name, writing a personal thank you note, or recognizing them in front of others is to win the heart of people and show an undisputable concern for their feelings and well-being. To ignore the small to grab the big is self-serving but to respect all is an admirable quality of an influencer.


Comment: Can you think of  how someone influenced your life?

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