The Little Things

The picture at the left is NOT a mistake. But, let me explain. The cabin was nestled in the tall pines of east Texas, my wife was attending a ladies retreat in Ft Worth. I was spending Saturday writing, praying, drinking coffee and writing – it was a unique benefit – a great day – except for one thing.

The day started with a cool 42 degrees; breakfast and fellowship with a neighboring pastor was exceptional. Jogging down an old country road was invigorating and the peace and quiet was exactly what I wanted and needed except for one thing.

 It is amazing that one thing can cause such aggravation. One, small thing, so annoying. One insignificant frustration so attention-getting. Yes, a fly.

 I would close my eyes for a moment and he landed on my nose. I was reading and he landed on my hand. Drinking coffee and he would sit on the rim of my cup.

 It reminded me of a story I had read; about a teacher who held a white paper up with a small black dot in the center. She asked the class what did they see and unanimously they replied, “we see a small black dot.” The teacher replied, “that is what is keeping you back from accomplishing great things in life – none of you recognized the most obvious – the white paper.”

The fly asks, no, demands attention. Without a fly swatter, we swing, swat, mutter, wave and even, scream, at the fly.

You have an entire life to accomplish your passion yet persuaded by the fly you sink into despair. You have a dream and the means surrounds you but the fly keeps you preoccupied. Your prayer is being answered today but all you see is a small black dot. The fly creates frustrating moments of interruption keeping you from focusing on your ministry, your calling and your purpose.

The fly cannot be ignored, some think he is possessed with a demon, always showing up in the most obnoxious moment. Perching just arms length away, laughing at your dilemma. The menace of your message. The wart on your writing. The stench of your story. The disruption of your dream.

Flies are frustrating. For some, just opening the door and letting him fly out makes his day and yours much more comfortable. Why not get up from your chair, open the door of faith and let the fly buzz out of your life. If not, then grab a rolled up newspaper, address the problem for what it is and swat!

Habits can be dismissed. The past can be forgiven. The mind games can be conquered. The people problems can be cured.

The small, insignificant dot can be swallowed up into a mass of white.

Comment: What is a “fly” that frustrates you?

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