Even so! – guest post

My guest post for this month is from Mary Jackson and http://byuncommonmeans.wordpress.com/

Watch and Pray!  These words are permeating my spirit!  Watch and Pray!  My heart is heavy with this Word – Watch.  And. Pray!  Like the disciples, the church, I fear is not watching or praying, but is lulled into a deep stupor of apathy.  Oh Body of Christ awake. Awake. AWAKE!!  Be watchful, be in prayer.  We ARE in the last days.   Do you hear the earth groaning, do you see its pain?  Why do you sleep?  Oh believer, awake yourself! Bride of Christ do you love your Bridegroom?  Does your heart beat with His?  For too long we have enjoyed the benefits of  engagement to our King while we have thrown our minds and bodies to the ravaging distractions of the world.  Did our Bridegroom not warn us, did He not say it would be so? Yet here we are.  We find ourselves complacent, unprepared, uninvolved, and unconcerned.   He IS coming and soon it will be.  He showed us the signs, why then do we ignore them?  How can we be so cavalier and disdainful to our Bridegroom?  The darkness of the world is overtaking us because our Oil is depleted and we have failed to keep our wicks trimmed.  Our lights barely flicker or have gone out altogether.   He left instructions, why have we carelessly rebelled against them?  We boast we belong to Him, yet we pray that He tarries so we can fulfill the desires of our imaginations.  Why do we not call for the Lover of our souls to come and take us into the bridal chambers of His eternal Kingdom?  Why are we unaroused at the thought of spending eternity with The King?   To His bride He says, “Watch and Pray.”  O Lover of my soul, make my heart beat one with Yours.  May my heart be set aflame with an undeniable passion for You.  I cry out for my Beloved, “Please  come, do not wait, do not tarry!  Help my heart to respond to Your message of Love with passion, and to Your message of Hope with a willingness to be restored.  My heart sings, “Amazing Love, You are my King!”  O Lord Jesus, we long for eternity WITH You, to see YOU face to face, to be held in Your eternal embrace.  This world is not our home, bring me to Yours.  Even so, Lord Jesus come!!

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