Interview with Jim Laudell, author of Highpoints

Thanks to a great blogger and my friend, Josh Hood. In a recent interview he asked some pertinent questions about the book, Highpoints. Here is the interview in its entirety.

My friend Jim Laudell just released his new book, Highpoints.

I recently interviewed him about the book and the difficulties of climbing:

JOSH: What inspired you to write Highpoints? JIM: While hiking and praying in Breckenridge, Colorado the challenge of climbing compared to spiritual growth was birthed in my heart. I began collecting artivcles, reading news stories and discovering scriptures bringing the subject of the book more fitly framed in my mind. I love a challenge. I love mountains. I want to grow closer to God. those three desires moved me to write Highpoints.

JOSH: Most people “live low on the mountain” and never reach the highpoints; why is that? JIM: Comfort, complacency and contentment steal greater heights from each one of us. We plan but never purpose in our heart to begin to climb. Once we make up our mind we want to go higher, pray about it then purpose in our hearts, that is when spiritual growth takes part in our life. People who never climb will never know the heights of living for God in joy. In the book Highpoints, I wrote, Once you have climbed the first mountain of His grace and glory, you will aspire to climb another and another. Once you have tasted of the best that God offers – you will never be satisfied to “live low on the mountain”

JOSH: You talk in the book about how the higher we climb, the more uncomfortable it can get. How can we overcome this? JIM: The higher you go, the thrill of reaching the top, superscedes the desire for the weightier “past loves” of life. In Highpoints we wrote, “The zest of life is found when we totally and unconditionally surrender to His divine leadership and direction,” the higher we go the less important everything else becomes.

JOSH: What’s the biggest takeaway you want people to have after reading the book? JIM: Yearning for His presence is the key to change. We can’t always change our circumstances, but we can change ourselves within our circumstances. Yearning means to be deeply affected with passion, to passionately seek for the presence of God and to bring His glory upon us. God delights to dwell within us and to come upon us. to lead us to higher places in His presence.

Go directly to Josh Hood’s blog site here:

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