Highpoints Book Delivery

When your printed book is delivered – what steps do you take? Have a plan before things get blurry. The process is easy as one, two, three – if you simply plan ahead. Between the time the book is determined published and the print date can be a week or two or three apart, depending on the printer. Once the book preview copy has been confirmed by the author, then the book is declared live.  Live means the book is now available online through the vendors and assorted book houses. though ordering may take place immediately – the book is not shipped till the printing takes place. Personally, my copies of Highpoints  arrived late Wednesday afternoon for my own distribution among local friends, family and business acquaintances plus, to be available for my personal speaking engagements.

For those who ordered a book online a week or two ago, this seems like a long wait but they should receive their copy this week also. One couple from Canada emailed and said they had ordered five copies for their cell group. Another couple in South Carolina has ordered five copies for their Bible Study group. delivery of these purchases should be very soon.

How does the process work?

Preview Copy The author receives a preview copy to approve the print for smudges, color disfiguration, etc. Even though theses errors are rare it is a good idea to examine the cover front and back for blemishes. When the book came in the mail, I tore open the package, held the book, and cried, “Thank you, Jesus.” I let my wife examine the copy then I sent in a release form allowing the book to go to print.

Orders We were seeing online orders through the publisher. Which sends out a quarterly report and royalty check (woohoo!). But, we also, took orders through our website. I did an email campaign and handpicked friends to be on the Launch Team – they emailed their order back to me.

Printing Although printing can be 7 to 10 days, depending on the work load of the printer, the wait seems forever. I was pleasantly pleased to receive notice that my books had been shipped sooner than I had expected.

Delivery When I handle the orders for family, friends and business acquaintances in the area  I personally like to hand deliver it and thank them personally for having confidence in me as an author. I now this can take a lot of time out of a writers week but the relationships solidified during this time is immeasurable.

Autographs If they ask for an autograph they will receive an autograph otherwise, it is absent from the book cover. The only difference I make is when giving a book to my family or a close friend then I will write a small note with the autograph.

Complimentary Copies Though you are tempted to sell every book you can there will be a occassion when a complimentary book may go farther than you have dreamed. Passing a complimentary copy to a known speaker or writer may develop into a “down the road” relationship. Those who endorsed the book will receive complimentary copies with a thank you note.

Speaking Engagements If per chance you have the opportunity to speak to the public, take the first three minutes and speak of something directly related to the book. A paragraph, read a quote or endorsement, and have the book available at the close of the scheduled event.

Comment: What would you add?

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