Highpoints Book Available

Consider the biggest announcements of history. “The British are coming,” by the night rider, Paul Revere. Or, Pearl Harbor Bombed splashed across the newspaper. Well, this one isn’t going THAT big but it’s up there in the rankings. Westbow Press has released the publication, my newest book, Highpoints.

Do you dream of the high places, of mountain air and a new-found freedom to believe? Highpoints will lead you into real life adventures of mountain climbers who risked their lives. You will explore the peaks of life-like never before and discover your own Highpoints of life.

Already, Launch Team one is building momentum. Launch Team One is a group ordering five or more copies of the book. Highpoints, for a cell group, Bible Study, Sunday School Class, Men’s group or for gifts. They receive a FREE Dare2climb ebook study guide and autographed copies of the book, Highpoints. If you would like to be a part of this group, please, email me privately via Facebook.

Launch Team Two will be announced in the next few days. Watch for Facebook posts, blog posts and twitter for special announcements.

I am so thankful for the reviews of those on the endorsement team and we will be sharing those next week. Now it is time for you to order the book and begin your ascent with Highpoints.  Order here http://www.highpointbook.com/

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Comment: What do you think is the best way to announce the publication of a book?

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