What is Highpoints Book about?

The idea for the Highpoints manuscript started over two years ago while on a hike into the mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado. I had always loved the mountains but this was a spiritual hike and a physical hike. Watching the majestic beauty of the carved rock of splendor, the breathtaking beauty and the awesome atmosphere opened my heart to see God and His work within each one of us, His greatest desire is to bring us closer to Him. To know who He is not just what He does. He wants us higher, greater heights, to see life from His perspective. Highpoints was birthed in my spirit.

I collected stories, articles and outlined my thoughts but the manuscript cooked in the crock pot of my heart until October 2011, when I received a call from a Westbow Consultant asking to print a book I had previously published, “No, but I have one I will be writing.” The writing process took four months, the editorial took a little over a month, the interior design another month and the exterior design a few weeks.

Rather than me try to describe the book, here is an endorsement we received when the initial manuscript was reviewed:

Jim Laudell challenges us to reject the status quo, complacent spiritual life. He inspires us to have the courage to passionately follow Christ and ascend the mountain of spiritual growth. If you are ready to go to the next level in your relationship with God, this book is for you! —Loren Hicks, Lead Pastor at Faith Tabernacle Church, West Los Angeles, CA


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Comment: What area of your spiritual life are you climbing; Trust, Endurance, Faith?

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