Highpoints Book Endorsements

Highpoints book has gone to print. Westbow publishers has announced they are taking HIGHPOINTS to the printer. I will receive a preview copy and soon Highpoints will go into mass production. Already Barnes and Noble, Target and Amazon are resellers and possibly, Christian Book Distributors (CBD). Early reviews have been received and we have a great lineup of endorsements.

Not everyone has experienced mountain climbing, but everyone has experienced falling and then fighting to get back up. Jim takes us from that point of crisis, through the climb, and to the summit. Keep climbing! Brandon Cox, Pastor of Grace Hills Church, Northwest Arkansas, Editor of Pastors.com

My wife and I have been agreeing in prayer for a special anointing upon the book leading them to their own personal Highpoints. We are growing, reaching and climbing together as we grasp Trust, Endurance, Faith; like we have never had it before. Highpoints includes stories of real life mountain climbers telling their stories of stamina, high risk danger and near death experiences. Coupled with tough choices and breathtaking scenery we will move from one mountain peak to the other with Biblical examples of Joseph, Moses, Jesus, Caleb and others.

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Comment: What do you think makes up a good endorsement?

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