New Book: Highpoints released soon

In just a few days we will be able to release the front cover design of our new book, Highpoints, published by Westbow Publishers. We have been assured it will be available through several book media outlets, such as, Amazon, and more. We rejected the first cover design and it is now in the re-design stage. As soon as I get the re-design back I will post it and you will be among the very first to see the new cover.

Patience is a virtue but at this point it is very difficult to maintain. The anticipation level is high and we are in hopes of having a published copy in hand before too long.

Highpoint is the top of the mountain where the climber places his flag. The Highpoint is the majestic top where breath-taking scenery and the joy of accomplishment sweeps over your senses like an ocean way. The Highpoint is where we all dream of being but Highpoints are for those who dare to climb.   This book, Highpoints, is a book for climbers. Those who have chosen to climb above, reach higher and see what others may have only thought about. Highpoints unravels the logistics of the climb and plants seeds of hope in the heart of every climber, “You can do this!”

Many have been satisfied with God on my level but God is calling you to His level,a greater height in His presence.  But this book is not about a dreamy state of mind that only the elite reach, Highpoints is about those who dare to make the climb, to begin to reach, to begin to grab, to begin to feel the exhilaration of greater heights.

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