A Moral Fence

“To death do us part” needs a security fence. Men and woman who fail in their marriage usually disregard the moral fence chosen to be placed around the marriage. For marriage to be good there must be a moral fence of protection keeping the husband and wife within the blessed boundary of the marriage covenant. This is not as much confinement as it is protection. Our joy is protected. Our security is protected. Our health is protected. Our finances are protected. Our future is protected.

Do you know what a moral failure looks like? While eating dinner with a “fallen brother” he confessed, “I can’t sing, I can’t pray, I have a hard time looking my wife in the eyes, and you always wonder what it would have been if it had never happened.” Even if you get your marriage back it takes long time to build trust and the memory doesn’t fade away quickly.

Moral fences, after my wife and I have celebrated 35 years of marriage, include:

Social media checkups My wife checks my Facebook, Blog, texts on my phone, and emails. Some may think this is overkill or too much control but I see it as protection; a fence to keep me from wandering off base.

Communication We sit down frequently and talk about what is on our mind, whether with a cup of coffee in the morning or an evening dinner but we communicate about our day and its activities.

The Holy Spirit Of all the accountability given to man there is none like the power of the Holy Spirit to keep you on a check and balances system. This inward prodding of the Holy Spirit is invaluable for those who choose to keep morally correct.

Accountability Finding a men’s group or a pastor to talk to has been a vital part of the “moral fence.” Having men who understand the frustrations and turn ons can help move you past the temptation and on to victory.

Common Sense Keeping your distance and not being left alone with the opposite sex is just common sense. Not complimenting someone’s physical appearance and inappropriate touching is a fast train out-of-town.

Staying close Date your wife and tell her you love her every day. Kiss her when she leaves the house. Compliment her in public and let others know of your affection for her.

Pray Together What a great way to shore up the line of protection by praying one for the other. Love and marriage is worth protecting and prayer includes the creator of marriage into the picture. Through prayer Jesus will build a fence around your marriage.

Comment: I am sure there are other ways to protect your marriage – what do you suggest?

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6 thoughts on “A Moral Fence

  1. I’ve encouraged guys to create a “loss sheet.” This is a list of everything you would lose if you yielded to certain temptations. Ex…spiritual wholeness, wife, children, job, income, respect, etc. Looking at this loss sheet from time to time is a great deterrent. It’s just not worth it to walk down that road! Thanks Jim for your great posts!

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