Conquering Frustrations

I just took a break from writing the blog for about a week for two good reasons; I wanted to regroup and refocus on the how and why plus, the greater reason, my wife and I took off and celebrated our 35 wedding anniversary. We had a wonderful and much-needed time of relaxation. Thanks for waiting around for the next blog.

Two weeks ago a police officer mentioned to me that with the heat wave there was also a wave of domestic dispute cases. This increase of arguments, fights and disagreements led to a 911 call and the police officer had the gruelling task of separating (oftentimes) family members apart. A young mother confessed yesterday of her frustrations in recent weeks and an employee of a large firm told about the intense calls her office was receiving concerning their dwindling income.

Frustrations come from three defined levels:

A misunderstanding of the facts surrounding the situation. Not having enough information and merely gathering of superstitious feelings and assumptions can lead to inner frustrations that burst into exterior actions. Gather all the facts by finding a person concerned with your issue. Don’t be caught up in the “feel good” huddle of “back patters” who simply feel sympathetic. An emotional uplift and support from your friends is necessary but you need someone who is able to understand your frustrations and assist you in gathering the facts. Find a pastor, counselor or financial consultant.

Cluttered surroundings. Being disorganized and disheveled can lead to a lack of security pushing you into frustrations. Have a garage sale, give some stuff away to Goodwill, or pack your clutter in boxes and put it in a shed or the garage but move it from your sight. You will be surprised the reduction of clutter will bring to the reduction of stress.

Uncontrollable circumstances. This level seems to be the most stressful and frustrating of all. Having situations come up in your life you can do nothing about, they whirl around you in the form of car trouble, family problems, financial woes, health concerns and more. We all face them. This frustration spirals out of control because of the pressure around us. Find a quiet place, note all the things you are thankful for, let the tears flow and cry out of God for His intervention. One mother went to the basement in her home and cried out to God for her daughter only to watch amazed as her daughter came home the next day asking forgiveness as she hugged her mother. Miracles still happen and God still answers prayer.

Intrinsic lifestyle. Withdrawn is painful. Living alone in the sea of people can be frustrating. Reach out to a church, a support group or an old friend and find the joy of living, laughing and loving. A diet from people can be damaging to your health. Reach out and be involved. Frustrations fade in a group of friends. “Joy cometh in the morning.”


Comment Below: How do you handle your frustrations?

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