Three Changes to Make Today

People talk about change, they even talk about changing. If we are to see change, we must change. To change others we must change ourself. But where do I begin? Step into these three changes to make today.

Change usually begins with me and usually begins with small things rather than large. To begin change I must begin today and I must be clear about the changes I am going to make. Here are three changes to make today.

Give without Return Oftentimes we invest for return but when it comes to giving of money, life, or service when was the last time you freely gave without expecting something in return? The ability to give a ten-dollar bill without payback? To serve someone who can’t repay you? To be there for them knowing they won’t return the favor? Giving without return doesn’t make sense financially but it makes great sense emotionally because the joy of giving is the joy of not expecting a return – you gave a whole-hearted gift – without the expectation of feeling someone owes you now.

Love without Justification Giving a hug to someone who doesn’t deserve it may mean more to you than to them but do it anyway. Love is not always a two-way street – loving someone who doesn’t care for you – is the utmost height of love. Love is unselfish, is not demanding and expects the best. Love doesn’t qualify the other but it gives a hint of worth and builds value. To love the unlovely, to love the undeserving and to love the spiteful is in itself the greatest gift. Love is kind, love is mature and love reaches out.

Pray without Demands Praying with a bitter spirit, “Why don’t you…” or “Why did you…” doesn’t hurt God as much as it hurts us. There are answers but sometimes we aren’t  ready for answers. Let’s approach God with thankfulness and gratitude. Thank Him for what you do have. Thank Him for what He has saved you from. Thank Him for His life changing love. Pray without a list today and keep your list for tomorrow. But today, I will thank God for love, freedom, mercy, and more.

Three simple steps that could change today and tomorrow.

Comment Below:What would you change today?

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