Quiet Time

Quiet time is an essential part of my day but I don’t do it like most. This quiet time pattern has helped me to accomplish more in the first two hours of the day so I can be fresh. alert and prepared for the rest of the day. This is how my morning is orchestrated.

Breakfast My wife and I enjoy oatmeal and coffee in the morning, sometimes with a piece of toast and juice. It gives us time to communicate and be together before she scurries off to her job each morning.

Bible My Bible, highlighter, coffee cup and I go to the back porch for a time of reading, reflection and alignment. Readjustment each morning into God’s perfect will is necessary to get the right perspective on the day.

Breathing Prayer is breathing. Prayer is the ability to breathe in the presence of God and exhale my stress, anxieties and concerns. There are things to exhale and there are things to inhale. I inhale His righteousness, His magnificence and His awesome greatness. As a mountain climber on a Highpoint of the mountain takes in the beautiful scenery and breathes in the cool crisp air, so do I.

Bending This is my exercise routine, jogging, walking, doing setups or a mixture of the three. My physical routine is to make the beds, straighten up the house, wash dishes and wash a load of clothes. Getting this down to an hours time has been difficult but I blend each chore in with another making each go simpler and quicker.

Balance  I write. Usually throughout the night and the early morning has already given me an aura of thought for my morning blog.  Usually an outline has been posted in my mind or in a short note to myself. Reaching out to the online community with inspiration and knowledge is a passion of mine so most mornings I am fresh with ideas to post. Most of the time I post a day or two ahead of time. I balance this with checking my Twitter posts @jlaudell and Facebook posts. Writing additional blogs, material or columns may come throughout the day.

Banking Balancing my personal and business accounts isn’t a daily routine but this is the time I would do it. Being an organizer – I need to know where I am financially on a weekly basis. It only takes a few minutes to check my accounts online.

Basics This is essential – scheduling your day makes for a better day. Planning for the day, checking and returning emails, and creating a list of phone calls to be made or to return.

This entire morning quiet time takes me about two hours but saves me many hours throughout the day. I feel fresh and prepared for the rest of the day.

Comment Below:How do you celebrate your mornings?


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