Stepping Towards Your Dream

Yesterday two people expressed their dream and both were frustrated as to how to get to their dream. Both had strong passion for their dream and had even taken baby steps towards it but both felt they weren’t making much progress towards fulfilling their dream.

There are several types of dreams, the first being what I call, a term dream, I would like to buy a house to fix up, I would like to begin college classes for nursing, I would like to start jogging. Each of these have term limits, they can begin and end today without much preparation.

The second type of dream is the passion dream. The passion dream rises and falls with events, people and places. It can only be accomplished within a certain dynamic, it is confined to where I am, who I am with and the event of circumstances around me. I want to be a foster parent, I want to direct the Annual Kids Day Event, or I want to be the Assistant Pastor at this church.

Thirdly, is the life dream. The life dream is best described as “I was created for this.” This is your life purpose. It may come now or later, it may be huge or small but it is definitely filled with contentment, peace and inner joy in finding the perfect place in God’s will for your life. It may be a mission endeavor, a project or a ministry but when you find it – there is no question that you found it.

Here are a few steps in reaching for your dream.

Pray about the dream. If the dream really burns in your heart then the dream should burn in your prayers. Talk to God about it and bring Him on board with the accomplishment of it.He may refine the dream, redo the dream or revive the dream but God is necessary to bringing your dream to pass.

Save towards the dream. Let’s face it – most dreams take money. Begin to set aside an amount of money that you need to see the dream accomplished. It may be a small amount but miracles happen – don’t be surprised at the multiplication of your savings. Once while saving for a mission trip a lady matched my initial deposit. God doubled my effort in one day.

Step toward the dream. What are the baby steps you need to take to begin your dream. Going to college? ask for an application, talk to the registrar, ask about available grants, etc. Writing a book? write down a synopsis of your book, collect your information, write an outline, today. Make a few calls, write a few letters, go to the right places, step toward your dream.

Research your dream. Don’t come to the end and end up being surprised. Study, read, Google and collect information about your project, book, trip, or mission. Everything you need to know about your dream – you need to know about your dream, research it.

Do the dream. Don’t be afraid to stair step to your dream. If the dream can be further developed by being in a certain position – stair step towards the dream. Take little steps towards your dream and the big steps.

Develop your dream. Begin taking the necessary steps to make it happen. Be careful who you tell your dream to – some are dream stealers, some are dream duplicators, and others are dream destroyers. Stand behind your dream, no matter how many people tell you they may never come into your life. Share it with someone you trust exclusively. Seek counsel from those who have done it or something like it.

Visualize your dream. See yourself doing your dream. Put up a picture of your dream. Write it down so you can see your dream everyday. “I would like to lead a __________________.”  Putting before your eyes causing the dream to become foremost in your thoughts.

Comment Below: What are you doing today that will move you towards your dream?

Copyright by Jim Laudell. This blog post should not be considered as counseling or mental advice. Please, seek the help of a professional. Materials may not be copied, reproduced or distributed without the written permission from the author. You may share on Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media while giving credit to the author.


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