I have been thinking about writing a book

Usually someone will stop me and say, “I have been thinking about writing a book – what do I do first?” and then, a lengthy conversation begins about the nature of the beast. A blooming author is miles apart of a blooming idiot but discernment is needed.

Publishing is not what it used to be and the first question you must ask is not “what am I writing about” but “who am I writing to?”

To start with an idea is foremost but to continue without an audience is simply becoming a hobbyist. A platform is needed for the manuscript to transfer from yours to theirs. Readers must take possession of the idea or the manuscript simply becomes white space.

Writing and publishing in days gone by was a matter of writing quality, printing artfully and distribution in mass. But now we are overwhelmed with information overload from digital feeds, printed material and voices screaming for attention on the internet.

For a beginner, getting attention is most important. Sorry, I don’t want to hurt your feelings. You have a great story but you must answer the question, “why would anyone pay $19.99 to read it?”

My suggestion is begin a blog, sharing bits and pieces of your story until you reach your audience. With Word press you can set it up easily and share to your Twitter and Face book accounts gaining additional exposure.

Print off quality cards with your blog advertised boldly and ask people to check it out. Practice writing two or three blogs a week – building your audience with each story. It may take several months to a year to establish your following but once you have an audience then you have a market.

Remember – we all began somewhere.

Comment Below: What do you think is most important in writing?

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