Ten Commandments for Pastors

Preach on Heaven with excitement and preach on hell with tears

Love everyone the same and tell them often

Grow in the Word of God and teach others

Start planning for Sunday early in the week

Honor your wife/husband

Guard your heart, your mind and your spirit

Emphasize quality not quantity

Remember character and integrity is your greatest achievement

 Purpose to please God before people

Pray for your family, your church and yourself

Comment below: Can you add another?

Copyrighted by Jim Laudell. Material contained in this post cannot be reproduced or copied without permission from the author.


6 thoughts on “Ten Commandments for Pastors

  1. Do not despise the day of small beginnings because if you keep heart you will reap a great harvest.

    Remember that God has called us to be faithful, not successful.

    You’re called to be a servant, not a doormat.

    Always put God first, family second, ministry third.

    Like Moses you can’t do it all. Ask God to put a great team around you so that you can fulfill His plan for you and your church.

    1. Wow! I love your insight. You are either a Pastor’s wife or a great encoruager to your Pastor. Especially God has called us to be faithful not successful. Thanks!

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