Colorado Fires: What would you take with you?

The Colorado fires continue to roll with infernal heat and raging blazes as temperatures in the area could reach 105 degrees again. Prayers from around the nation are asking for a sudden cloud burst from heaven to put out the hellish embers. This sudden blazon resurgence has claimed homes and hundreds of acres but as of this writing, thankfully, has not claimed a life.

We have watched in horror as our friends who live in the Colorado Springs area have feared for their possessions and many others are calming their children with filtered masks on their faces. But the question came to me early this morning, what would you take with you if you had to evacuate your home quickly? Of course we know immediately we would take our wife, our children, grab our wallet or purse, make sure we had our phone and scurry out the door, but what next? If time allowed for a few other items to be thrown into the suitcase, what would you take besides a change or two of clothes?

Personally, I would grab my Bible and my Dad’s Bible. My Bible has notes and inscriptions along my spiritual journey that I wouldn’t want to lose. After my Father’s passing about a year ago, I would want to preserve the memory by taking his Bible. A prayer journal I have written in since college would be added to my collection.

Pictures of my children growing up and of our wedding, whether recorded on a disk or in a box of pictures we have managed to keep together over the years, grabbing those memories would be very dear to us if we were to lose everything else.

Necessities. Living light has its benefits, not much more I would take but I believe I would grab a case of water, throw it in the cooler and ice them down, knowing I would probably run into many thirsty firemen and volunteers.

Before we left, I would check on my neighbors. Our neighborhood has many families with small children. I would want to make sure they had a way out.

Well, that’s my short list now how about you?

Comment below: Do you have “necessities” you would grab? What would you most likely take with you?

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