Editing – whew!

For me writing is the fun part but editing , well, can be a little trying. I have heard it said, “when writing, go with the flow, correct your mistakes later.” I couldn’t agree more. The train of thought moves quickly and to stop at every crossing would make the trip to be unbearably long. When the creative juices are flowing – write. Come back and make the corrections after you have reached a stopping place.

With that being said, editing can be stressful however, having another set of eyes on the project can be extremely helpful. This is not the time to go cheap. When writing a book to go to print be sure and find an editor who has expertise and experience. Check with the local college or Chamber of Commerce for referrals.

When you flow well, speak well, and write well – it is your greatest asset. Don’t lose the benefit of your creativity by poor grammar or spelling; ruining your project or idea.

When blogging – a mistake here and there may happen, if we wait till the blog was edited we would be writing two weeks out. Maybe not a bad idea but certainly not practical, and it could be expensive. So write your blog, read it over a couple of times, do the spell check twice and preview the post before publishing.

Remember your post is influencing people – some may not click LIKE even when they LIKE it, some may not post a comment even when they have a comment but many will read and think and some will learn and others will act.

Comment below: Did you find any mistakes in the above written blog? Why is it easier to find other’s mistakes and look over our own?

Copyrighted by Jim Laudell. Material contained in this post cannot be reproduced or copied without permission from the author.


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