Bringing your dream out

Not everyone will agree with your dream when you bring it out in the open. It is not the obstinate rebellion of your work or your person but the crazed world of negativity of those who find it hard to believe. Optimism is the gift of the creative but lacks so sadly among the realists. Dreams are best understood by dreamers. Those few who know the risk of failure but keep believing that today, yes, today, is the day for the miracle, the open door or the answer. Negative thinking causes stress, poor concentration, lack of opportunity, and even lead to physical problems, such as, headaches, muscle aches and rapid heart beat.

But positive thinking is not enough! The power to “believe” is to know the spiritual influence of the Holy Spirit to lead, guide, instruct and encourage. Not a one time experience but a life full of communication and connection. The Holy Spirit magnifies Jesus and the greater He is in your life – the more able we are to “believe.”

When you bring your dream out in the open there must be a goal to reach, a plan to write, a life to live and a prayer to pray.

Goal to Reach There must be a visual goal that I can see, touch and feel each day. Take a picture of you with a mountain back scene if you wish to travel, a book in your hand if you wish to publish or a poster with your goal emblazoned upon it.

A Plan to Write Every dream must hit the road with shoe leather. Dreams take work. Write down in detail the steps necessary each day to accomplish your dream. Write down the timeline, the steps necessary, and the people you need to meet to bring it to pass.

A Life to Live Begin to live your dream everyday Putting yourself in your dream is vitally important if you desire to see the fruition of your dream.

A Prayer to Pray If your dream is not over your head then you simply took a nap. We are in desperate need to the power and grace of God to accomplish the dream, as we rely on Him, He brings it to pass, sometimes behind the scenes but ever fervently working to bring His purpose into our lives.

Comment Below: Do you have a dream you can livetoday? Will you share it?

Copyright By Jim Laudell. Permission must be obtained from the author to reporduce or copy.


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