Six Ways to Settle an Argument

You are not responsible for their actions but you are responsible for your reactions. A tense disagreement can ruin a relationship. Stress drives anger to the boiling point. We can learn to disagree agreeable and take the steering wheel in our hands. Let’s look at Six Ways to Settle an Argument:

Lower your voice. A loud voice doesn’t exert authority but only exemplifies your loss of control. “A soft answer turns away wrath,” the psalmist David advises. You don’t win by getting louder – you only escalate the problem.

Understand different interpretations. Even Matthew, Mark, Luke and John told the story of Christ through a different lens. Your personality, upbringing, environment, childhood and education will make a difference on how you view ideas around you. Allow for different interpretations.  Your opinion is just that – an opinion. Don’t put people in a box, your box.

Be ready to forgive. I’m sorry but… isn’t really an apology. Saying your sorry has become such cheap words when said many times without change. It is better to say, “Would you forgive me? I will do my best to do better and to change.”

Find common ground. Instead of magnifying the areas you don’t agree on find the areas you do agree on. Find a common place to begin with.

Don’t go to bed mad. You subconscious dwells on your most emotional downturn of the day, causing you to build a wall, one brick at a time. Unresolved conflict is still a conflict. Take care of the matter before it gets bigger.

Pray about it. Pray for you and pray for them. Pray for them to change after you pray for you to change. Remember Jesus forgave you. If the conflict still burns like fire in your bosom then most likely you have not forgiven yet.

Comment Below: Do you have a story of forgiveness?

Copyright By Jim Laudell. Permission must be obtained from the author to reporduce or copy.


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