Facing Opposition

Every moment of opposition is an opportunity for advancement. Maybe it is a job related problem. Turmoil in your home. Or, a neighbor. Whatever the opposition there is always an exit strategy. Problems are never finale.

You must know there is a way to win because behind every opponent is a weak link.


Pray your way through the problem. There is not a better way than to depend on someone bigger than you. When David faced Goliath he turned to God for help. God is bigger than your Goliaths.

Come in the Spirit of forgiveness. You can meet your opponent with the same fire in your bosom as your opponent or you can come with a willingness to mend the broken relationship with a forgiving heart. Not every opponent wants to end the opposition peacefully but fighting fire with fire – someone will get burnt.

Fasting can break the bond. There are many testimonies of friends who have seen dramatic freedom through fasting and prayer – even for one day. You may not have the power to break the shackles but God can.

Keep a sweet spirit. You are not responsible for their actions but you are responsible for your reactions. Choose to keep a smile on your face and the bitterness out of your heart.

Comment Below: What do you do when facing opposition?

Copyright By Jim Laudell. Permission must be obtained from the author to reporduce or copy.




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