Home IPad Apps

Mostly my IPad has been used for travel and for business, I read, research, define, copy, learn and educate with my IPad nearly everyday of the week. We are beginning to discover the vast amount of apps that are designed for the home, in fact, I saw a clip board device that attached to your refrigerator to hold your IPad while you are in the kitchen. OK, I am hooked but not that bad.

Here are a few FREE apps that are helpful or even delightful for the family to use in the home. (I may mention children’s apps in a later post).

My Library: our local library has an IPad app for checking out books, movies, etc., researching with a vast list of books and even checking my account. Check with your local library for more information.

Living Social: a resource for coupons and special deals in your areas; this is not your buy four cans of green beans and get a fifth one free. This is more for events, shops and unique brands.

Lemon: Keep your receipts all in one place by simply scanning with your IPhone or Ipad. Define categories and save a lot of work come tax time.

Epicurious: A knock your socks off recipe book, even create a shopping list. Search for your favorite recipe plus categories for special events.

Instagram: Correct, fix and magically enhance your photos then share only with the people you choose.


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