Family Fun

The most bonding of all family events is having fun together. Laughing, throwing a ball, a picnic, vacation, surprise visit, birthday parties, and a long list of a lot more. We all stake our claim to busyness but we need some funny business going on in our family life.

Taking the children for a walk, a trip to the zoo, a children’s event, pizza or camping out in the living room are once in a lifetime events  children and families will remember forever. Take the camera or a video camera and get double the fun by doing popcorn and a video the following weekend. Turn off the TV, set your voicemail to pick up business after your trip out and have fun. One of the greatest investments we made was a condo on the lake that we frequent with our family. Skype the relatives that live a far distance from you and let the children visit with relatives you wouldn’t normally see very often.

Fun is spelled Forever – the time you will have will indelibly be etched in a child’s memory forever. Unique – the different, outlandish and sometimes, odd will make the most impact. Not expensive –  fun doesn’t have to cost very much. Look for the free or inexpensive family oriented events in your area. Make a list that can be referred to from time to time.

Let’s get started this weekend.


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