Family Dinner

The family dinner table is often a lost art. In the black and white days, “Leave it to Beaver,” the popular TV show of the 50’s, the Cleaver family met regularly for the dinner meal. Today times have changed; parents work overtime at the job, run off to take the kids to soccer practice and a myriad of other hobbies, interests and responsibilities consume the evening hours.

Strong families have strong values. Coming together regularly may sound nostalgic, old-fashioned or even of the Puritan era but research shows families who take time to be together “on purpose” will survive the storms of family life.

The National Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) study shows, that families who eat together are most likely to do well in school, eat nutritious foods, practice good tables matters and the report included, that table dinners with the family has an impact on delaying sexual activity. Plus, teens are less likely to smoke, do drugs, drink alcohol, be depressed or consider suicide. I realize many other reasons for this family improvement can be factored in to this equation but the matter is resolved, families who have a regular time of meeting around the dinner table show improvement in several life choices.

Straying from negative subjects is of extreme importance when eating. Turning all cell phones on silent and having a set time for dinner so the entire family can participate are of great value. So let’s pull the recipe book out, carve out some delicious meals for the weekly menu, turn the TV off and enjoy a family time together around the dinner table.


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