“Who Needs a Miracle!”

“I need a Miracle!” We have heard more than once from a desperate soul crying out for a Divine intervention in their lives. But does God do miracles anymore? There certainly is a great need; a pastor facing cancer, friends whose 3-year-old passed away this week, a baby in Kentucky fighting for its life, and many, many more.

Miracles aren’t always big. My daughter testified of her burning eye she had accidentally scratched and after prayer, the burn succeeded and the pain quit. If God does miracles, you might ask, then why don’t we see more? Good questions and frankly, I don’t have all the answers but here are four things I know about miracles.

First, miracles happen to those who expect them.  Dr Thomas Lindberg, Senior Pastor of First Assembly of God Church of Memphis, writes, “God does not send miracles merely where they are needed; God sends miracles where they are expected.” When Moses put his rod down into the Jordan River he fully expected God to do something. In fact, all through the Gospels, people cried out to Jesus, they knew He could perform a miracle and not one left disappointed.

Secondly, miracles happen when all other means of an answer are swept away.  Our deficiency is God’s sufficiency. Our lack is His opportunity. When we have no one else to turn to, nowhere else to go and no more answers – Jesus shows up in magnificent splendor and does the impossible. Miracles don’t happen so we can be arrogant with our own self-righteousness, our abilities or our wealth but He shows up to the beggar, the blind, the broke and the berated.

Third, miracles happen when you pray. Prayer is the key to unlock heaven’s resources. Prayer puts me in the place where we are able to trust Him. Prayer melts my heart, soothes my fears and enables me to place my hand in His hand. Faith moves mountains but prayer moves God. Persistent, fervent and heartfelt prayer turns circumstances around and breaks the bonds of the enemy.

Last, miracles don’t always happen the way I prayed it. My thoughts and God’s thought don’t always line up. He is infinite and I am finite. He is strong and I am weak. He is omniscient and I know very little. God started working things out weeks ago so we could have answers to our prayers today. However, God decides to answer my prayers I must trust He will answer when I pray, even though the answer may not come the way I expected.


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