Methods of Memorization

Saturday evening I was sitting in my recliner watching Ted on my IPad. TED is a technology, educational, scientific, type channel with a large variety of speakers adding to the mix of mental growth. The 20 minute talk that impressed me on this particular evening was a Scientist-Journalist unfolding the quest for memorization. One man was attempting to memorize a phone book, both names and numbers. Another subject memorized 36 stacks of playing cards, in their order, within one hour.

Now, for a guy that can’t remember where I left my car keys, well, to say the least, I was intrigued. So, the journalist uncovers some basic methods to memorization. None of the men and women who had revealed their unbelievable traits of memorization had above average IQ’s, none was judged to be particularly gifted, but each had used a method of memorization to assist them in memorizing.

Using pictures, the speaker, himself was able to memorize material until he actually won a trophy in a Memory Competition, I didn’t even know they had such things, I probably would forget to show up, what time it started or where it was at. My IPhone keeps my appointments in order, Google calendar keeps my dates and times available and little ringers notify me thirty minutes ahead of events. He memorized it all using visuals such as, Cookie Monster on a tan horse and Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz, coming out of the oven in my kitchen. I still remember his story line because it was ridiculous, incredulous and personal. He concluded, memorization is best done when felt, smelt, personal or experienced.

Now, I am challenged to memorize. Why not join me as I attempt to memorize the Word of God? Taking passages of scripture to memory and quoting them without hesitation. I am starting today but first I must find my car keys.


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