Influence: The New Leadership

Leadership was the new kid on the block with the introduction of the book, Developing the The Leader Within You and subsequently followed by, Developing the Leaders Around You, by John C Maxwell. This phenomenon hit the bookshelves and the hearts of pastors, students and business leaders across the nation. I personally own almost every book that John C Maxwell has written and have personally met him at a variety of functions and admire his leadership attributes. The perfectness of the message of many leadership gurus gave each learner a goal to reach for and a mark to hit.

However, for others, it gave a depressing outlook after success was not attained. Success became the keyword and failure became the curse word.It was hard to define success, for some it meant one thing and for others another thing.

The new word for leadership is now “influence.” Maybe, it is the next step. leadership had a tendency to be a little condescending to some but influence can be attained by many without any “success” connotations. A mother can influence a child, a pastor can influence his listeners, and a business man can influence a business partner. No success levels to reach – simply the ability to influence another through a life well lived.

Just something to think about. Remember the woman who brought an expensive perfume and poured it upon the feet of Jesus Christ and the perfume filled the air? The aroma filled the house. Now that is influence. God is calling men and women to be an influence wherever they are, whoever they are with and whatever position they may fill. Influence is everything.


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