Why Facebook and Blogging?

Some may ask the question why use Facebook as a social media tool? Why write a blog?  Simply, it attracts readers.

Some 46% of men use social media and read blogs while 54% of women do. Of the people who own tablets and smart phones, most use text mostly, social media, secondly, then talk last. Current media  status means reaching out in all dimensions. I must admit I enjoy my iPhone, iPad, and Facebook but moderation is the key word.

One prominent speaker recently declared we are losing our sense of personal relationship and effective communication because of electronic overload. What was viewed as a oppportunity for greater communication has actually developed into the lack of communication. The old advertising line for a bygone phone company, “reach out and touch someone.” doesn’t make too much sense in a digital age where we text but don’t talk,and we Facebook but don’t ever get face to face.

While some have found it hard to turn off the electronic device, the challenge is being made, let’s go through electronic withdrawal. Let’s pick up the phone to talk with someone we haven’t talked to in a long time. Let’s pick up a pen and paper and write a heartfelt note to someone we love. Let’s get real again. Let’s engage in real communication. Let’s really “reach out and touch someone.”


4 thoughts on “Why Facebook and Blogging?

  1. This sadly is so true. It’s amazing to think how many ways we have to stay connected and ways to bring us closer to others, but in reality they tend to seperate and distance us more from them. Great Food for Thought…will take the challenge to “reach out and touch someone today”!!

  2. I agree. How many “ty” texts or “Happy B Day” face book messages have been sent? Not only reahcing out to touch someone… what about the jobs that must be lost at Hallmark! I hope you find your pen 🙂

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