The ups and the downs

There are ups and downs to life. Each day has its own unique fingerprint of identity making new demands or else a series of celebrations. Emotions take on new highs or collapse in exasperating sorrows.
How we handle the lows and the highs, the ups and the downs are the making of the character of a person. Here is a short list for handling both good and bad moments of life.

How do we best handle the good in life?
Look for the good in the bad – the sun is always shining above the clouds
Continue to hope, believe and pray. Prayer makes everything better.
Understand your frustrations – are you stressed by other events, tired, or mentally drained thereby creating bad moments rather than creating good moments?
Know that bad times never last.

How do we best handle good days?
Wherever you are – be there. No just physical presence but a genuine presence of being, paying attention and participating.
Remember what makes you feel the way you do and learn to copy that behavior
Enjoy it and don’t feel guilty


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