My favorite travel apps

I have stayed nearly fifteen nights in motel rooms, scheduled flights and have already put on thousands of miles traveling. Speaking at churches and conferences has given me the excitement of seeing old friends and meeting new people on a regular week by week basis. I have leaned most heavily on my iPad for speaking but also for the logistics of the trip.

First, I schedule using Google calendar. It is loaded on the cloud and is available On my computer at home, my laptop, my iPhone and of course, my iPad. The convenience of my wife being able to check my calendar while I am away is a timesaver and headache saver.

Secondly, I book my flight directly from the XNA airport, it lists all the available flights, schedules and local, pertinent information.

Thirdly, I use iFly. This app reveals the destination terminal map. Showing me what restaurants are available and where they are located, where the bathrooms are and the baggage claim area location.

Fourthly, the app Tripit has become a favorite. It keeps all my plans, confirmations and emails about the trip in one place.

Fifthly, my Starbucks app. When I need some Java to keep me going my Starbucks app gives me a map and proximity to the quickest cup of coffee and by loading my account, I can now pay with my iPhone.

Sixth, the Maps app that came with my iPad tells me where I am and how to get to the church, auditorium, or conference center. I also use Yelp for a little more detail.

Seventh, two apps I use together, the cloud on app keeps all my speaking notes in one place and handy for editing plus the Logos Bible with commentary, word studies and several devotional books. And if I want to read, iBooks was an iPad preinstall, I just load up the books I would like to read if time is available.

Eighth, the Urban spoon app locates restaurants in the proximity of your location, shows a menu, pricing, a few pictures and a map with directions and how far away it is. If you get off the plane and your hungry, this is the app to click.


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