The Marriage Caculator

I struggled with Algebra in high school. I am not alone. Many have confessed their muddled minds wrestled with parenthesis and fractions. But most of us don’t realize our bad math in marriage.

Marriage is a combination of events, movements and decisions. Any couple going through your present experience may feel the same way you do. Life has a way of subtracting from your marriage. Subtracting your time, subtracting your finances, subtracting your date nights, subtracting your patience and subtracting even from your love.

Continue in this path of bad math and you will come to the balance of zero. Usually people come to conclusion that “something is wrong” when they recognize they have subtracted until “not much is left.” Busy-ness is the divider and subtract-er. We take something out of our marriage every time we say to our spouse, “I am too busy to ….”

Pull out your marriage calculator and if you keep seeing zeros you might want to begin investing into your relationship. If you continue to withdrawal from your checkbook you will shortly be notified of an arrears or deficit. Your overage can result in bank fees and ultimately a closed checking account.

Marriage is much the same way when two people, very much in love, begin to subtract from their marriage until there is nothing left. But marriage is much less getting as it is giving. I can hear the drain sucking out the last bit of love from marriages who haven’t learned the secret of marriage investments.

Making careful and continual deposits in your marriage will give you many years of happiness and contentment. Here are a few tips on investing into your marriage.

Having a favorite dessert fixed for dinner tonight

Roses to just say, “I love you.”

A call or text in the middle of a busy work day to let your spouse know you are thinking of them

Taking a long lunch break and having dinner together

Planning an overnighter for just the two of you

Cooking breakfast for your spouse on a Saturday morning

Taking a long walk

Going on a real date

Begin to invest in your marriage today and you will have more to enjoy later. Invest a little everyday and the compound interest will grow into a long-lasting, lovely marriage.


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