FREE! Get it now – FREE!

FREE – the catchy phrase grabbing momentum and a mountainous response from a crowd of consumers battling with the economic struggles of their work week. More week than money is the common jargon of the guy who works harder and makes less. Coupons, sales, specials, discounts arrest the savvy shopper but none latch on to your soul like FREE. Feeling Really Extra Extravagant. Even when it doesn’t make sense “buy two entrees and two drinks and get a free desert” but I would have eaten somewhere else and purchased two entrees and two deserts for less had I just watched my spending instead of gazing at FREE.

But some of the best things in life are free. Think about it – the things I enjoy most in life are the free things that are all around me.

Today. Today the sun came up just for you, the beautiful soft wispy air you breath, the frittering clouds, the majestic mountains and gorgeous sunsets. All are free – so why not enjoy them today. Free!

Family. I know it comes with a price but still you weren’t given a choice as to what family you wanted – you were born into this family by your birth. Hugging, family dinners, coming together over the holidays, sharing family pictures. Free!

Prayer. To breath a prayer in the midst of joy or sorrow is yours today. The Bible says, “Freely you have received.”  Lifting your soul upward, lifting your eyes to the creator, singing a song of worship to the Almighty are free for you to enjoy. Even the prophets chained in a dingy dungeon cannot be confined from the presence of a holy God. Free!

There are probably many more free gifts in life, so go ahead and name a few right now.


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