My Favorite Places to Drink Coffee

Coffee is the spice of life. Not just for mornings anymore but from afternoon, to after dinner, coffee has been and continues to be the drink of choice. The aroma, a little cream and a friend and you have the makings of a wonderful morning. As I have always said, “A rainy day, a book and a cup of coffee go very well together.” Like vacation without the gas prices.

I have traveled to 35 states and 12 foreign countries and I would like to name three of my favorite coffee spots.

1. Close to home: Starbucks – Being a Gold Card member explains it but I like the coffee variety, Blonde Roast, Pikes Place and Breakfast Blend, tall, venti or grande, mocha or caramel, one shot espresso. The fact they are consistent and widely accessible when I travel makes it the perfect choice for a perfect cup of coffee. Plus, the Wifi and business setting allows me to get a little work done.

2. Atmosphere: Atmosphere places just as much a role in drinking coffee as the drink itself. I remember drinking coffee in a refurbished house located at the Cedar Lodge in Branson, Missouri on a Saturday afternoon, perched over the river. The sandwich has long left my memory but sitting on the patio overlooking Table Rock Lake on a beautiful Saturday afternoon with a cup of coffee in hand was a choice location. The coffee was good and the atmosphere great and has been a regular stop for my wife and I when in the Branson area.

3. Location: A unique location was why I ended up drinking an espresso and eating an amazing piece of pie at the Le Procope, named for owner Francesco Procopio in Paris, where Napoleon often drank his coffee, as well as, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. The artsy appeal, architectural structure and nice hospitality made this unique spot the place to be. By the way, Napoleon liked his coffee sweetened and with milk.


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