Setting a Daily Task List

For many setting a daily task list means a hand scribbled to do list with a jumbled amount of small and huge jobs. But setting a daily task list is a creation of goals, tasks and a checklist for accomplishments. I use my Ipad reminder list because it sends me a reminder if there is a time schedule on the task. Let me share with you what I use, I want to explain four steps to creating a better and more fulfilling task list that will allow you to get more done and you will feel better about yourself by the end of the day.

Set your priorities first. Now I like to do my task list the night before. I usually  find what my priority or priorities are for the day or even the week. Setting my priorities gives me an opportunity to grade my list of tasks. Since I am writing a book I know this is a continual priority that keeps on the list every week.

Set five things you must accomplish by 10:30am. Usually this is my list of tasks that give me a start-up and a feeling of accomplishment early in the day. I don’t want to get too close to noon because events, appointments and luncheons can interfere. Writing my blog, creating a Tweet and posting on LinkedIn are the first tasks fo the day after devotions.

Set two lists of tasks. My weeklong task and my today tasks – I want to get my today tasks done at the start of the day and begin my weeklong tasks usually after lunch. However, when I have a month-long task (or longer) I will usually get up earlier in the morning.

Set  a celebration time. I treat myself to breakfast on Friday morning or an hour-long sitdown with a friend at Starbucks, This is my weekly fun time to celebrate my accomplishments throughout the week – it sure avoids burnout and helps relieve work load stress.


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