Four Financial Changes You Must Make Now

With taxes due April 15th I thought you might enjoy a little financial insight.

I don’t even think I am close to being a financial guru or a Dave Ramsey Jr. but there are four financial choices my wife and I have made throughout our life. This should not be construed as legal advice but these are extremely important choices totally changing your financial outcome in three years or less.

Refinance your home: This is huge. Homebuyers paid up to 7% in 2004 and now interest rates are below 5% – the new HARP loan offers a valuation of your home oftentimes beating the deflation of your home’s value. Taking the time to do this may decrease your payment and the years owed on your mortgage.

Freeze your credit card: Your month to month paid out will decrease and your feeling of being out of debt is exhilarating.  Put your credit card in a glass of water – put it in the freezer – and you won’t be tempted to use it again.

Pay your small bills off: Get rid of some nagging bills that ask for $20 a month then start paying off your larger debts. This will escalate into a debt free life.

Start saving: putting back just $10 a week can grow into $520 a year.


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