IPAD3 – My Favorite Free Apps


Standing in line at Wal-Mart at 12:00 at night waiting for the new IPad to come out last Friday wasn’t exactly a last-minute decision. When the IPad1 came out I was skeptical that i would use a tablet over my laptop however, when the IPad2 came out i was somewhat inquisitive. Apps were being churned out at a paid pace and my creative juices began to flow each time I saw one but with inner strength and self-discipline (ha) and waiting for the extra cash, I waited anxiously for the IPad3, and I am so glad I did. Its retina display, fast processor and 4G abilities caused me to purchase my IPad3 at 12:08 am on the first day of its debut.

But for me, the apps make the tablet. Its functionality is only as powerful as the apps available for it. I read up on them, studied them and downloaded My Favorite FREE apps, (later I may purchase a few apps), Most of these work on my IPhone as well as my IPad. I was looking for productivity, research and business, with that in mind – here are my Favorite Free Apps.

Microsoft OneNote – syncs with your home computer, work computer, laptop or IPhone. Capture articles, pictures, create notebooks, research pages, keep track of receipts. You will have to purchase OneNote for your home/work computer but the app is free. If you want a program Free for the desktop and IPad choose Evernote.

HootSuite – keep all your social networking in one place. Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Linkedin, Just sign in and view your social network. Convenient, quick and it is free.

G Docs – I keep all my documents in Google Docs then download them when i need them. Google documents can be found on your work/home computer by going to the Google page and clicking more. Google Documents is free and the app is free.

Smartr Contacts – keeps all your contacts from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. and your address book all together with pictures, information and more. Powerful app and handy.

YouVersion – This is my favorite Bible app but you must be on the internet to use it. It has several Bible translations, you can join an online Bible study and share favorite verses to Facebook. If you choose not to go with an online Bible – try Logos Bible App. I have it downloaded and have used it on several occasions.

TripIt – this amazing app keeps all my travel information in one place – even pulls in emails containing travel details. If you fly and stay in motels this is one app you don’t want to be without

Urbanspoon – again, if you travel, this will be a life saver. This will find restaurants closer to you, give directions, prices, menus and reviews.

Zite – my personal magazine. I choose the content and topics.

Trippy- Shares my trip plans with family and selected friends to let them know I am in the area.

 Ifly – shows me the airport terminals, restaurants, bathrooms, gates, and all the information I need to navigate through an airport that may be new to me or one I haven’t been in for some time.


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