Entering into the Time Zone

When I was a young preteen the peak interest of the news was putting a man on the moon. Science fiction was the top seller for years. Super heroes and comic book interest peaked and outer space dramas were produced in rapid session. One TV program was Outer Space, with a mixed up crew spiced with humor and drama scenes. One spellbinding question remained in fiction, movies, TV programs and comic books, “Is there the possibility of Time Travel?” Many spinoffs were developed and became a talked about topic of interest.

Today men still believe in the time zone – the ability to make up all those years of procrastination only to think they will catch up later in some magical retreat. I can’t count the times I have heard people say, “I started on a book but….” To dream – to try – to fail is not a tragedy but to dream – to NOT try, and to fail; is a tragedy. We can’t go back and recreate life but we can begin to live the dream  today, to focus on what is important today and to write the book you have always wanted to write.

Fear, lack of focus, time restraints, undisciplined, etc have always been the most common excuses but rising early, using the lunch hour, giving up an hour of TV, or honestly facing your challenges are the actions that will stop the time zone and resurrect the dream within you. Let’s start today.


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